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TeraKey® to deliver encrypted files to clients.

When using the TeraCryption service, the TeraKey Client feature allows executives to deliver TeraKey encrypted files directly to their clients’ Windows Explorer. No fuzz, no hassle.

To exchange encrypted files with your clients, they only need to install TeraKey Client on their computers and login with their secure username and password. That’s all.

TeraKey Clients

To illustrate how it works, let's take the example of a Lawyer dealing with critical clients. After each client installs TeraKey, folders named after each client appear in the Lawyer's Explorer. To deliver a confidential file to client "B", the Lawyer drags and drops it into client "B's" folder. Within seconds, the file is encrypted and appears in the "B" folder in Explorer on the client's computer.

Client “B” simply double-clicks on the TeraKey file to automatically decrypt it, opening in the file’s application, such as Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, etc.

Client “B” wil