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TeraKey Client option for your customers.

Exchange encrypted files with your clients.

When using TeraKey Enterprise service, the TeraKey Client feature allows executives to deliver TeraKey encrypted files directly to their clients’ Windows Explorer. No fuzz, no hassle.

To exchange encrypted files with your clients, they only need to install TeraKey Client on their computers and login with their secure username and password. That’s all.

Example of a Lawyer communicating with Clients.

To illustrate how it works, let's take the example of a Lawyer communicating with Clients. After each Client installs TeraKey in their computers, a shared folder automatically appear in the Lawyer's and in the Client's Explorer. To deliver a confidential file to the client, the Lawyer simply drags and drops the file into the Client's folder in its Explorer. Within seconds, the file is encrypted and appears in the Cient's folder in its Explorer.

The Client double-clicks on the TeraKey file to automatically decrypt it, opening in the file’s application, such as Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, etc.

The Client will be able to edit the file, which will be automatically encrypted again and placed back in the same folder. Within seconds, the edited file appears in the folder of the Client in the Lawyer's Explorer, regardless of their physical location.

Encryption operation is simple and in seconds.

Clients can encrypt by simple using drag-and-drop of a new file into the TeraKey clients’ shared folder in their Explorer. Files will appear in seconds in the corresponding Client’s folder in Explorer in the Lawyer’s computer.

This is the easiest and most secure way to exchange sensitive files with all your Clients. TeraKey Client removes the risk of hijacking or stealing files at rest and in transit. Note that the TeraKey files remain encrypted at both ends and based on the Administrator’s permissions, only the sender and the recipient can open them.

The advantage is that there is no encryption key management required.

There is no distractions or interruptions to ongoing work tasks. Operation is totally transparent to Clients and to Executives.

TeraKey Client will give you and your Clients total confidence in exchanging sensitive documents over the Internet.

TeraKey files move protected by unbreakable encryption! Would you like to try it? Fill in the form in the “Contact us” tab. As an alternative, click on the “Book Demo” tab and choose a date and time of your convenience.

If you are a current user of the TeraCryption platform, contact Support for an upgrade.


Prepared by TeraCryption Corporation.

Copyrights reserved.

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