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TeraKey® does not need encryption key management

Existing file encryption systems

File encryption systems using hard drive encryption are an excellent way to protect sensitive files. However, files lose protection when they are taken out of the hard drive, such as when sending them via email. BitLocker is an excellent example of such an application.

TeraKey does not encrypt the hard drive. TeraKey encrypts each document with a random encryption key destroyed after encryption.

Today's complex file encryption systems

File encryption systems on the market might use symmetric key encryption, which requires the file receiver to use a copy of the encryption key used to encrypt the file. Another variation is using asymmetric keys, the method preferred for external file transfers. No matter the method, the recipient must obtain the same encryption key to decipher one particular file.

These secure file systems are very complicated and expensive because they require encryption key management where an individual is responsible for finding, selecting, and sending the corresponding decryption key to a recipient to decrypt a particular document.

This is critical because the recipient must obtain the correct encryption key to decrypt a file. The result when using these complicated document encryption systems is the enormous time and human effort spent handling the decryption keys for each document, which ensures a high cost in management and maintenance.

TeraKey® does not need encryption key management.

TeraKey can save thousands of dollars in managing and maintaining encryption keys because it does not require encryption key management. As less time and effort are needed for document encryption with TeraKey, your business will be able to protect more files more efficiently.

TeraKey is a document encryption system that uses a random encryption key destroyed after encrypting a file. The encryption key is never used again. You can send a TeraKey encrypted file to other authorized TeraKey users to be decrypted with simple double-click action on their computers or smartphones.

Contact us for a free trial!

Why wait? Contact us now and request a free trial of TeraCryption. Convince yourself on your own time that the future of document protection is here with the TeraCryption platform.

Nothing will be installed on your servers; your current cyber protection is unaffected. In less than 15 minutes, you can encrypt files on your computer. Files never leave your company.

By the way, you do not need to worry about managing encryption keys for each document. Let TeraCryption take care of all automated technical operations to protect documents with unbreakable encryption invented over a century ago and using a process perfected by TeraCryption’s modern patented technology.

It is straightforward. Go to Contact Us, fill in the form, or email us at

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