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Users install the TeraKey application on their computers and register with a username and password. Two-factor authentication (2FA) ensures the user's identity to encrypt and decrypt files.

Users can encrypt entire folders or single files on the local computer. The number of files that can be encrypted or decrypted is unlimited, and encryption takes a few seconds.

TeraKey Encrypted File

As a business, you have sensitive documents such as financial and payroll information, product development reports, and market strategies that are not meant for everyone's eyes. TeraKey empowers you to completely control who can decrypt and read these files, ensuring their confidentiality and security.


  • Allows a quick recovery of documents after a cyberattack.

  • Protects files from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

  • Administrator controls who can encrypt and view files.

  • Users can email encrypted files as attachments. 

  • Encrypt files and folders with drag and drop or right-mouse action.

  • Use Google Drive or MS OneDrive to distribute and share encrypted files.

  • There is no need to install software on the server.



  • TeraKey encrypts and decrypts on the user's computer.

  • No files are being uploaded to TeraCryption for encryption.

  • TeraKey uses random, unique encryption keys.

  • TeraKey uses different encryption keys for each file.

  • Hackers cannot find encryption keys in the computer.

  • Files are automatically encrypted when saved to My TeraKey folder in Explorer.

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