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TeraCryption cyberspace environment.

Our Vision


Provide an affordable file encryption system to protect sensitive documents in a business of any size in any place on earth. Easy control of sharing encrypted documents amongst company's users, regardless of their location. Make encryption a transparent operation for all users with full integration of TeraKey to Explorer.

TeraCryption cyberspace.

Our Story

Our parent company, Canamex Communications Corporation, was founded in 1978 selling Television Broadcasts systems. After 10 years, Canamex developed and manufactured QUIKPAGER, a stand-alone  keyboard device used to send text messages to medical staff and first responders at Hospitals carrying a pager. By 2001, Canamex developed the PageRouter server software for installation at Hospitals, reducing the message delivery time to pagers and smartphones to just 2 to 3 seconds, thus saving lives in code blue situations. 


By 2016, because of HIPAA regulations, we created the first TeraMessage Mobile app to exchange encrypted messages. At the same time, we developed the TeraKey system for encrypting documents in a business. As these are two different vertical markets, TeraCryption was created as a subsidiary of Canamex to handle separately the growing business of document encryption and secure telecommunications systems.   

TeraCryption continues to be a leader in  document encryption systems.


The mathematical encryption algorithm we use has been long thought to be impossible to recreate in the modern digital world, let alone be secure. It dates back to the late 1800’s, and was mathematically proven to be unbreakable in the 1940’s, as long as a few certain conditions were met.

Through our patented technology for establishing bi-directional messaging communications, we are able to comply with the conditions for achieving a completely secure and unbreakable encryption system.

We always apply our best efforts in providing excellent service, support, and any assistance for implementing our solutions in businesses like yours.

Contact us to protect your sensitive documents regardless of the size of your business, starting with 5 users' seats.  We are here to work with you to satisfy your needs concerning document security.


Trust us! We know our business.

TeraCryption cyberspace protection.

Our Proven Encryption Technology

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