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Use TeraKey® to protect files stored in the cloud.

Documents are at risk in a cloud storage service.

When using competitor’s file encryption solutions, a complication arises when a group of people needs to share the same encrypted document. Sharing encrypted files is critical during business operations.

Many companies think that using file-sharing platforms solves the problem of protecting sensitive documents. Microsoft 365 OneDrive and Google Drive for businesses are examples of file-sharing systems that suggest uploading files to their service. Those services are famous for sharing non-sensitive files between users but are not protecting the files' content.

The sensitive business information is at a high risk.

Protect sensitive files in a cloud storage service

The only way to protect sensitive files in a cloud service is to encrypt them first and then upload them.

TeraKey® first encrypts files and then uploads them to the cloud.

Cloud personnel or other users accessing the cloud storage cannot decrypt and read your files because they do not have permission to open them. Authorized TeraKey® users are the only ones who can decrypt documents stored in the cloud.

With the TeraKey® document encryption system, sharing encrypted files becomes a breeze. Only other authorized TeraKey® users can decrypt a file on their computer running the TeraKey app.

Now, without any worries, you can easily store many folders with subfolders and files in servers and cloud services, such as Google Drive and OneDrive. No one can open the documents.

By the way, you do not need to worry about managing encryption keys for each document. Let TeraCryption take care of all automated technical operations to protect documents with unbreakable encryption invented over a century ago and using a process perfected by TeraCryption’s modern patented technology.

Contact us for a free trial!

Why wait? Contact us now and request a free trial of TeraCryption. Convince yourself on your own time that the future of document protection is here with the TeraCryption platform.

Nothing will be installed on your servers; your current cyber protection is unaffected. In less than 15 minutes, you can encrypt files on your computer. Your files never leave your company.

It is straightforward. Go to Contact Us, fill in the form, or email us at

Prepared by TeraCryption Corporation.

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