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Restore quickly hijacked documents

How are you protecting your business from ransom threats?

The pandemic brought an abrupt and irreversible change to the ways we all did business. Communication of sensitive information using email has become a norm for everyone, easily ignoring the risks of information interception and theft.

Today, we talk on Zoom and on other online media, diminishing the importance that our conversations might be listened into or recorded. We comfortably entrust our confidential business information to Internet storage services who promise not to divulge documents, files and voice recordings placed in their cloud’s servers. Are there any other choices to avoid these risks?

Your sensitive information is always at risk.

The life and success of thousands of businesses like yours highly depend on keeping sensitive information secret and safe from hackers and internal thieves.

We all tend to justify our reluctance in doing something to reduce this risk by saying “No, that cannot happen to me – my business is not that important”. Do you really think that attackers will only select large and famous companies? Of course not. They will attack any business if it means they can get money out of it.

Periodic updates to close vulnerabilities.

To give you an idea of reality in the cyberwar field, vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, CISCO, and many others, spend millions of Dollars fighting cyber crime, by constantly making updates to close vulnerabilities when hackers get into networks.

It is a daily battle where business victims lose their clients and, consequentially, their revenue as a result of a hacker attack. We all hear the media regarding the damaging effects caused by viruses, phishing, computer worms and malware, taking down from small businesses up to critical government infrastructures.

We speak every week with IT Managers who all whole-heartedly believe that they are protected because they avidly take care of installing software updates provided by Microsoft, CISCO, and all the vendors of equipment that connects their business to the Internet. Yes, it is undisputable that they are indeed protected only up to certain extent, covering the front-end of the Internet connection. But, what about other vulnerabilities?

Your business suddenly stops.

The irony is that your company might spend thousands of dollars on cyber defense hardware and software, yet something as simple as your employee unknowingly clicking a phishing link may be enough for an attacker to gain access to their computer and the entire network. How can you stop such catastrophic incidents?

While it may be possible to prevent clicking phishing links to some degree, it is impossible to fully prevent an attacker’s entry to your computer or the network.

Your business starts losing clients and money.

Once your operations are taken for ransom, nothing works. Your IT personnel will try to rescue files in hard drives to find them encrypted by the hacker. As times goes by, you have to decide to pay the hacker, believing that all your computers will go back to work again and that your digital files and archives will be back to normal. However, convince yourself that the reality is that nothing will be back to normal because not all types and number of files might be recovered.

Use TeraKey to restore hijacked documents.

One feature of the TeraCryption system is the use of TeraKey app to restore hijacked files in case an attacker freezes your computers and operations. Computer users install the TeraKey application to encrypt every sensitive document starting the moment when it is created.

Encryption of a document takes just a few seconds and it is transparent to the user. The TeraKey application running on each user’s computer automatically creates a copy of each file and uploads it for storage in a cloud service away from the hacker’s reach. Files in your My TeraKey local folder are uploaded and saved in the cloud storage location preserving the file and folder tree structure.

When the attacker compromises or freezes computers on the network, or encrypts your files asking for ransom, simply reinstall Windows and the TeraKey application. This way, the TeraKey user can easily download all their encrypted files from the linked cloud storage service back to their My TeraKey local folder. With these simple steps, your business will be restored to the way it was operating before the attack.

Contact us for a free trial!

Why wait? Contact us now and request a free trial of TeraCryption. Convince yourself on your own time that the future of document protection is here with the TeraCryption platform.

There is nothing to be installed in your servers, hence your current cyber protection is not affected at all. In less that 15 minutes, you can be encrypting files in your own computer, because files never leave your company.

By the way, you do not need to worry about managing encryption keys for each document. Let TeraCryption take care of all automated technical operation to protect documents with unbreakable encryption invented over a century ago and by using a process perfected by TeraCryption’s modern patented technology.

It is very simple. Go to Contact us and fill in the form or send us an email to

Prepared by TeraCryption Corporation.

Copyrights reserved.

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