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Integrating Onsite Pagers with TeraMessage Mobile: Bridging Traditional and Modern Communication for HOSPITAL Critical MESSAGING

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In the realm of Hospital onsite messaging, operations have long relied on Emergency Response Paging Systems, which use pocket pagers for their simplicity and reliability. However, with the advent of modern communication technologies, there's a growing need to integrate these legacy systems with more advanced solutions. TeraCryption Corporation, a leader in secure communication technologies, presents a hybrid approach by integrating its onsite pagers systems with its TeraMessage Mobile app on smartphones. This article explores how this integration can enhance onsite messaging, offering the best of both worlds.

The Strengths of Onsite Pagers

Pagers have been a staple in healthcare, emergency services, and hospitality industries for many years. Their strengths include:

1. Reliable Messaging

Onsite pagers operate on dedicated wireless transmitters installed in the Hospital that remain functional even when mobile and Wi-Fi networks fail, ensuring critical messages are delivered.

2. Simplicity

Onsite Pagers' straightforward functionality makes them easy to use, requiring minimal training and ensuring immediate adoption by staff.

3. Long Battery Life

Onsite pagers typically have long battery lives, reducing the need for frequent recharging and ensuring continuous operation.

The Power of TeraMessage Mobile on Smartphones

TeraMessage Mobile is an app installed on the iPhone or any Android phone.  TeraMessage Mobile brings a suite of advanced features to onsite messaging:

1. Rich Messaging Capabilities

It supports text and document sharing with the TeraCryption platform, enabling instant communication of secure text and files. The length of the text message is not limited.

2. Secure Communications

It utilizes end-to-end encryption to protect messages and files from unauthorized access. You will comply with HIPAA regulations.

3. Cellular and Wi-Fi communication

TeraMessage allows instant communication and ensures messages are exchanged even if the smartphone switches to Wi-Fi networks.

4. User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use design reduces the learning curve and enhances productivity.

Benefits of Integrating Onsite Pagers with TeraMessage Mobile

Combining the reliability of TeraCryption’s onsite pagers systems with the advanced features of the TeraMessage Mobile app provides a robust communication system:

1. Enhanced Communication Reliability

Healthcare organizations can ensure that important messages are always received by using TeraCryption’s Emergency Response Paging System, which uses on-site pagers for critical alerts and the TeraMessage Mobile app for detailed communication.

2. Improved Efficiency and Collaboration

TeraMessage Mobile's multi-function capabilities and real-time communication enhance team collaboration, while pagers ensure critical alerts are never missed.

3. Source of messages

Send messages from computers using any browser. Medical staff can communicate messages from computer to computer and from TeraMesage to TeraMessage.  Messages are stored in logs that can be viewed or printed to alleviate legal litigation claims.  The TeraCryption messaging system can receive a connection for the nurse call system for automatic paging of critical messages to groups of pagers and smartphones.

4. Greater Flexibility

The integration allows seamless communication across devices and platforms, catering to various operational needs and scenarios in Hospitals.

5. Cost-Effective Transition

Leveraging existing onsite pager infrastructure while introducing TeraMessage Mobile reduces costs and simplifies the transition to a more advanced communication system.

Real-World Applications

1. Healthcare

In Hospitals, onsite pagers can be used for urgent alerts like Code Blue Paging System code calls and emergency notifications. At the same time, TeraMessage Mobile on the smartphone can handle detailed confidential patient updates, staff coordination, patient file wireless delivery, and instant communication.

2. Emergency Services

Emergency responders can receive critical alerts via onsite pagers while using TeraMessage Mobile to share real-time updates, such as Documents, X-rays, images, and videos, to enhance situational awareness and response times.

Implementing the Integration

Integrating pagers with TeraMessage Mobile requires a strategic approach:

1. Assessment of Needs

Evaluate your organization's specific communication needs to determine the ideal balance between onsite pager use and TeraMessage Mobile messaging features.

2. Infrastructure Setup

Ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support both Emergency Response Paging System onsite pagers and smartphones. This may involve TeraCryption’s onsite paging transmitters, Wi-Fi network enhancements, and device provisioning.

3. Training and Support

Provide comprehensive training to staff on how to use both systems effectively. Continuous support and updates are essential to maintain efficiency and address any issues.

4. Monitoring and Optimization

Regularly monitor the communication system's performance and gather user feedback to make necessary adjustments and improvements.


TeraCryption Corporation can provide onsite transmitters, paging and messaging software, and equipment for Integrating onsite pagers with TeraMessage Mobile running on smartphones. This approach offers Hospitals of any size a modern, robust, reliable, and flexible communication solution. By leveraging both Emergency Response Paging System and Code Blue Paging System technologies' strengths, Hospitals can enhance their onsite messaging capabilities, ensuring critical alerts are never missed while benefiting from the advanced features of TeraMessage Mobile. Embrace this hybrid approach provided by the TeraCryption Corporation platform to revolutionize your hospital's onsite communication and stay ahead in today's competitive healthcare landscape. No more emergency messages will be lost.

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