TeraKey: The New Standard
in Document Encryption

Use the TeraCryption file encryption system to protect sensitive documents and information.

Stop Internal theft of sensitive documents in your company before it is too late.

TeraCryption Protection

Let Your TeraKey Encrypted Documents Take Your Business to Higher Cyber Security Grounds. 

The TeraCryption platform is an Encryption Service that also provides Secure Communications.


Encrypt every sensitive Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF document from the moment they are created  or chosen from archives.  Keep them encrypted all the time. Only users with permission will be able to open, edit and encrypt them again, as a routine operation using Explorer.

Cloud User Control

Users can be at the office, at home or in another country. Create Groups and grant decryption permissions with a simple click on a web page.

Versatility with optional Google Drive storage

Users can SHARE encrypted files stored in Google Drive, which appear automatically on each user's Explorer, instantly updated after another TeraKey users creates or edits them.

Unbreakable Encryption

TeraKey is the new standard in document encryption. A random GHOST encryption key appears when encrypting a file and then, it is destroyed leaving no trace. Total file encryption security,

TeraMessage Mobile

Messages and files sent to smartphones travel protected by unbreakable file encryption. TeraCryption is an encryption system that gives your business an independent and exclusive mobile communication highway separate from current public email.

Documents never uploaded for encryption

All file encryption is done on the local users' computer. Users can encrypt any type of files.  Use Explorer for a user-friendly file encryption and decryption operation, even for files stored in Google Drive folders.

Messaging Control Groups

Control who can communicate with whom.  Assign users to TeraMail to use a computer, and to TeraMessage Mobile app to use a smartphone. File encryption protects information


A Document encryption system in a business was a privilege of only large companies. File encryption required installation of special software in the business server to generate and store keys, running into to the risk of being accessed by non-authorized individuals to decrypt sensitive files. Installation of encryption software in the business server may jeopardize all your expensive security efforts.  Therefore, encrypting documents was a time-consuming task due to the need for management of encryption keys for each document. Operation was limited to users in the local network.


We invented the TeraKey system to make unbreakable file encryption affordable to any size of business with any number of users. First, we removed the need to install software in the server, thus keeping the current break-in cyber defense level intact. Next, files are encrypted on the user’s computer using a method where the encryption "Ghost" key only appears when needed.  We eliminated the need of "encryption key management" by destroying the key after encryption.  The encryption key is not placed inside the encrypted content of the document. Therefore, the encryption velocity TAKES SECONDS. Our proprietary method uses patented technics for total decryption reliability. You can trust to open a file in SECONDS when ever needed.

Unprecedented Document Encryption Velocity.
Impeccable Reliability.

TeraKey Is The New Standard In Document Encryption For Business, To Protect The Rapid Flow Of Critical Information. 

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business By Avoiding Internal Theft Of Sensitive Documents In Your Company?

  • There is nothing to install in the business Server. 

  • There is no need for encryption key management because keys are destroyed after encryption.

  • You simply add the name of each TeraKey user and give permission to access Terakey shared folders that store encrypted files.