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Easy and Simple File Encryption System System for your Business.


Control who can share and open encrypted files with automatic encryption key management.

Protect all communications and stored sensitive files with unbreakable encryption.

TeraCryption protects sensitive information, reduces vulnerabilities, and encrypts, protects, and shares encrypted files. The system integrates with Explorer, allowing users to encrypt files in seconds and store them on their computer, the server, or a cloud service. It also provides document encryption tracking. Automated TeraCryption's key management system allows authorized users to encrypt files without human intervention, and it supports unlimited keys. TeraCryption is used by businesses of all sizes that need to protect their sensitive files. Our unique selling points are our zero-trust security, our automatic key management, and our ability to encrypt files in seconds.

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Key management with no human intervention


Create Groups to control the sharing of encrypted files without worrying about encryption keys. This will increase productivity and raise the level of file protection.  

Secure File Sharing with automatic encryption key management allows authorized users to encrypt files in seconds. Use unlimited keys with your system.  TeraCryption integrates with Explorer to avoid learning curves.

Store encrypted files in your computer, the server, or a cloud service.

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Enterprise Data Protection: Companies may use TeraCryption to encrypt sensitive business documents, such as financial reports, strategic plans, and proprietary research, to protect them from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations: TeraCryption could help companies comply with data protection regulations like NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI DSS by encrypting documents containing personal, healthcare, or financial information to prevent unauthorized disclosure and ensure regulatory compliance.

Secure Communication: TeraCryption could be used to encrypt emails, file attachments, and other communications exchanged within the organization or with external partners, ensuring confidentiality and preventing interception by unauthorized parties.

Secure File Sharing: Companies may utilize TeraCryption to encrypt documents before sharing them with clients, suppliers, or collaborators via email, cloud storage platforms, or file-sharing services, protecting sensitive information during transit and storage.

Protection of Intellectual Property: TeraCryption could help companies safeguard valuable intellectual property, such as patents, trade secrets, and proprietary algorithms, by encrypting documents containing this confidential information to prevent theft or unauthorized access.

Remote Work Security: With the increasing adoption of remote work arrangements, companies may use TeraCryption to encrypt documents stored on employees' laptops, mobile devices, or home computers. This reduces the risk of data breaches and ensures data security outside the corporate network.

Securing Legal and Compliance Documents: Legal firms and compliance departments may leverage TeraCryption to encrypt legal documents, contracts, compliance reports, and regulatory filings, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Protection of Employee Data: TeraCryption could be used to encrypt employee-related documents, such as HR records, personnel files, performance evaluations, and payroll information, safeguarding sensitive employee data and ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

In these and other use cases: TeraCryption could provide companies with a secure and reliable encryption solution to protect their sensitive documents, mitigate the risk of data breaches, and maintain compliance with relevant regulations and standards.


TeraKey Enterprise User


Do not risk sensitive files when communicating with your clients. Exchange sensitive documents without email or by uploading unprotected files to cloud services. 

Using TeraKey Client, you can deliver encrypted files directly from your Explorer to their Explorer in seconds. 

There is no hassle with encryption keys or asking clients to upload and download files.


  • Lawyers

  • Accountants

  • Financial Brokers

  • Hospitals

  • Healthcare

  • HR

  • Labs

  • Factories

  • R&D

  • Contractors

  • Consultants


Secure communications internally and with Clients.

  • TeraCryption provides the TeraKey Windows application with the ability to encrypt entire folders containing subfolders and files of any size and type, preserving the file organization tree.

  • The administrator controls shared encrypted file management by organizing users and files in dynamic groups. Document encryption becomes transparent to the user, who can double-click to decrypt a file regardless of its location.

  • TeraCryption allows authorized users with TeraKey Enterprise to encrypt files in seconds. The encrypted files are automatically uploaded to Google Drive or OneDrive for maximum security and protection of sensitive information.

  • The TeraCryption file encryption system is reliable, practical, and valuable. Unique file encryption technology and smooth, reliable integration with Google Drive or OneDrive will reduce information vulnerabilities.


  • Random encryption keys automatically managed.


  • Unbreakable military level of encryption.

  • Do not worry about sending keys to clients.


  • There is no need to buy encryption keys ever. 

  • Unlimited encryption of any type of files.




TeraCryption Enterprise is a user-friendly File Encryption System to manage encrypted files in any size of business. TeraKey has been specially designed to manage encrypted files using Explorer functionality.


The Administrator can create any number of groups, each with any number of users. During operation, TeraCryption users encrypt files to groups in order to have secure file sharing with other users. Only users assigned to a group can decrypt files encrypted to that group.



Encrypted files can be store anywhere in the local computer, in a network computer, in a NAS, or in the cloud. TeraCryption provides the TeraKey application integrated to Explorer to allow handling of encrypted files as if they were regular files which can be copied, moved or sent via email.


TeraCryption with TeraKey Enterprise, automatically creates group storage folders in the Cloud service, which appear in Windows Explorer of each user assigned to the group.


TeraKey automatically integrates with Windows Explorer. Management of TeraKey encrypted files can easily be done with Explorer functionality.



Users can double-click on the TeraKey file name to decrypt a file. After editing and viewing, the files will be encrypted and uploaded to the cloud again when the application is closed. i.e.: Editing a Word file.



Encrypting a file or an entire folder is as simple as dragging and dropping it into the Group folders showing on Explorer.



TeraCryption provides a tracking log with the encryption history of any document since it was created. The TeraCryption tracking log shows who has changed the file, showing the date and time of when it was decrypted and encrypted again.Export the tracking log in Excel format for further analysis.

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