Control who can view encrypted files saved by other users.
Store sensitive documents in computers, servers and in the cloud.


Authorized staff can safely communicate
messages and files with other TeraMail and
TeraMessage Mobile users in your Organization


Sensitive information travels protected by end-to-end encryption
The users' privacy is protected all the time.

Welcome to TeraCryption
for Exclusive and Private use by your Corporation

Corporate File Encryption and Secure Internet Communication
Tools for Executives and Clients

TeraKey Networks for Unbreakable
File Encryption

Use TeraKey Networks to encrypt any type of files, such as documents, pictures, videos, audio files, etc.
Files never leave your company for encryption or decryption.
A TeraKey file can be safely stored anywhere since it can only be decrypted by an authorized recipient.
Create TeraKey groups to enable encryption and decryption of files by people in the same group.
Control who can decrypt files.
Use existing File Management Systems to search by document name and to organize encrypted files.
Make copies of TeraKey encrypted files for safe storage in computers, servers and the Cloud.

TeraMail PC Corporate Secure Email

Regular emails and attachments can be easily intercepted. Corporate sensitive information is not safe.
Use TeraMail for protection of your Corporate communications when using computers and smartphones.
TeraMail becomes your private and secure Corporate email platform.
Invite customers to use your TeraMail platform for confidential and secure communications.
Messages and attachments are protected by high level encryption.
There is no need to install equipment. Use any browser on any computer anywhere.
Send long text and attachments as you do with regular email.

TeraMessage Mobile Security

Register with your own SECRET password.
Phone numbers and email address are not needed.
TeraMessage app for iPhone and Android devices.
Control who can communicate with whom.
Record, send and receive encrypted voice messages.
Protection of messages and files by automated random encryption keys.
Messages saved encrypted in the memory's device.
Received attachments never saved on the phone.
View sent and received attachments at any time.
Alert notifications for emergency response crews.
Messages and attachments delivered in seconds.
Automatic notification when a sent message is read.
Indication of online TeraMail and TeraMessage Mobile users available to receive messages.

TeraCryption accountability

What is the most important asset of any company? SENSITIVE INFORMATION.

TeraKey Networks

TeraKey Networks gives your Corporation a higher level of protection to your private and sensitive files. Encryption is performed within the safe boundaries of your network. Files and documents never your network. TeraKey encryption is unbreakable. You can safely place the most sensitive files in Cloud services without the fear that they can be opened.
The task of TeraKey file encryption is to protect all sensitive files that you do not want others to view, whether the files were received via TeraMail, Outlook or files that were created in your computers. i.e.; Word, Excel, PDf, pictures, etc.
TeraKey Networks allows you to control who can decrypt which files: For example, financial records to be decrypted only by accounting users; engineering drawings only by Engineering staff, etc.
TeraKey can be set to perform automatic encryption and decryption, making this operation totally transparent to the computer users. The other powerful benefit is that now you can safely store TeraKey encrypted files in a cloud service as a backup. TeraKey is the best possible defense that a Corporation can have against the constant threat of hackers, who will never be able to decrypt TeraKey files.

TeraMail PC

We all know from the news that public email is not a secure way of communicating private information. The damaging consequences are irreversible when hackers steal confidential emails, and they can do it without you knowing.
Regular public emails with Corporate information such as marketing plans, traveling agendas, designs, prices, legal correspondence, etc., are constantly exposed when traveling on the Internet. The worst risk is taken when Corporations using regular email for financial communications expose names, addresses, bank accounts and investment portfolios. The same exposure exists when Corporations send design drawings, contracts, building plans, and all types of Corporate sensitive information that hackers can grab from emails.
The solution is to use TeraMail PC, which becomes your secure Corporate email PRIVATE platform for sensitive communication. TeraMail gives you similar features found in popular email applications, except that the text of the email and attachments travel protected by high level encryption.
TeraMail users can print TeraMail records and attachment when needed. As a Corporation, you can add your customers to your Corporate TeraMail to protect all business communications with them. In fact, TeraMail will bring to your Corporation a unique communications platform that you can trust with your most secret business information.

TeraMessage Mobile

TeraMessage Mobile allows Corporate executives and their clients to safely communicate using text messages on their mobile devices. A TeraMessage user can take a picture and send it attached to a message. Instead of typing, a TeraMessage user can record and send a voice message to other users. In fact, voice messages are delivered so fast, that users could communicate quickly using voice messages.
The value of TeraMessage Mobile is the high level of information protection. Received sensitive documents and pictures, are never stored on the phone. Text messages are stored encrypted on the device. Messages and access credentials can be deleted by the TeraCryption administrator in case the phone is lost. Access to TeraMessages Mobile app on the device requires programming of your SECRET password once.
TeraMessage Mobile benefit is that a user is able to receive and send sensitive private information on their mobile synchronized with with TeraMail PC messaging. You establish a Corporate private network of reliable and secure communications.


The Administrator of TeraCryption in your organization will receive on-line assistance regarding programming at no additional charge.

Training Videos

TeraCryption users in your organization will have access to our training videos related to the use of TeraKey encryption, TeraMail PC and TeraMessage Mobile.


We offer engineering design and development services for integration of other applications used in your operations, to work with TeraKey Networks, TeraMail PC and TeraMessage Mobile.

Managing Growth

Add more access licenses to your TeraCryption Service whenever you need them. It is simple! Just send us an email and we will add new licenses immediately.

Automatic Service Renewal

The TeraCryption service will be automatically renewed upon receiving your instructions. There is no need to make any changes to the way you are currently using the TeraCryption service.








    Protect messages and attachments sent between PC and mobile users; safely store sensitive information in Cloud services.

    It is vital for small, medium and large companies to protect sensitive files. Many executives believe that hackers only target large corporations, but the latest events of ransomware attacks, prove that any size of companies are exposed to this unwanted and dangerous risk. Furthermore, there are multiple reasons why a company needs to protect sensitive documents and files with high level encryption.
    How secure is encryption? Encryption security is measured by how difficult it is to find the encryption key. Traditionally, the encryption key must be available when decryption of a file is requested and it is normally kept on the computer doing the encryption or stored in the company's server. This means that the hacker can find the key when accessing the network and will be able to decrypt the sensitive files. This problem does not exist when using TeraKey Networks.
    The content of an email or a mobile message can be very sensitive. It is well known that hackers can intercept public email, read the content and grab the files attached. The TeraCryption Service provides a secure and private email platform, where text and attachments are protected by encryption when traveling end-to-end on the Internet.
    The next step is to put your executives on TeraMessage Mobile and TeraMail PC to exchange messages and attachments protected by encryption. The best defense against hackers is not only to prevent them from getting into your servers and network computer, but to let them take files encrypted with TeraKey. All their effort in getting into your company will be futile if they cannot decrypt files. The other defense is to store TeraKey encrypted files in a cloud as a backup. You will always be able to restore them in case that the hacker encrypts TeraKey encrypted files.

    Protect mobile and stored client investment information

    The Director of a Wealth Management company is responsible for the growth of personalized investment portfolios worth millions of Dollars. To approve any investment changes, the Director and the Account Managers must contact a client on the phone to confirm approval. However, there is no record left on voice calls except handwritten notes that are placed in the client's file. In case of a disagreement, the Director does not have a solid evidence of instructions acceptance except his notes. The investment company is exposed to expensive lawsuits.

    The Director and all his clients are aware of the risks of using regular public email to communicate sensitive information. Establishing a telephone call with busy clients is always a problem. By the time the Director connects with the client, the investment opportunity is gone.

    The Director decided to use the TeraCryption service. TeraMail and TeraMessage Mobile where set for an initial (20) clients and (4) Managers. Each client installed TeraMessage Mobile on their smartphone and each registered on TeraMail using a computer browser.

    When needed, the Director sends a TeraMail to a client, who would receive the message on the TeraMail computer screen and on their smartphone in case he is away from the computer. The client can view the text of the message and open any attachment sent by the Director. The client can reply from his smartphone using TeraMessage mobile or log in to TeraMail to reply from the computer. The Director will receive the response on the computer logged to TeraMail. The Director can print the response as a confirmation of the decision of his client. They both can establish a text conversation or send voice mail messages to each other.

    The client is happy with this level of service, making positive investment decisions knowing the Company is taking care of his investment using a private secure communications platform

    Protect sensitive text messages and information

    Executives and secretaries in Government Departments, utility companies, political parties, etc., use secure TeraMail replacing public email that can easily be hacked when in transit on the Internet. TeraMessage Mobile is used by executives to exchange messages with other staff using TeraMessage Mobile and TeraMail on computers. TeraKey provides total security to executives when carrying documents to meetings, when traveling and when are stored in their work computers.

    Protect patient information; comply with HIPAA

    TeraMail may be used as a dispatch console by Nurse Supervisors to establish a two-way communication with nurses and Doctors using TeraMessage Mobile in the Department. Doctors can establish text dialogs with Nurses and other staff in the Hospital. Doctors can receive x-Rays, medical results from the lab and other sensitive documents on their smartphone. TeraKey encryption allows Doctors and other medical staff to secure the privacy of patient medical records, instructions on Word Documents, diagnostics and prognosis, complying with HIPAA.

    Protect individuals in dangerous zones

    News agencies use TeraCryption for the safety of their field correspondents to file mobile reports with pictures, voice messages and documents. The correspondents can use TeraMail and TeraMessage Mobile anywhere in the world. TeraKey Networks can be used to encrypt files in the field that can only be opened at the main office.

  • TeraCryption essentials to protect your business

    TeraKey Networks

    TeraKey Networks users are able to encrypt multiple files, which never leave your computers or your network for encryption or decryption. There is no limit to the number of files that can be encrypted or decrypted regardless of type and size.

    TeraMail PC

    TeraMail is used by authorized users to send and receive encrypted messages and files using a computer. Users can print one messages or the history of a complete conversations. Schedule transmission of a TeraMail in the future. Send and receive attachments. Access TeraMail using your Secrete Password.

    TeraMessage Mobile

    Each Corporate user downloads the TeraMessage Mobile app from Apple Store and Google Play Store. The user programs the SECRET password to become part of their Corporate TeraCryption service. TeraMessage mobile has been designed for maximum security and reliability.


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