Choose the type of license for your TeraCryption service based on features to suit your business.


Dedicated to stop internal theft by encrypting sensitive users' files with multiple features.


Add capability to restore My TeraKey sensitive files if computers frozen by hackers.


Add sharing encrypted files stored in TeraKey Groups appearing in users' Explorer regardless of thier location.

Authorized users must login to encrypt and decrypt files.
Integration with MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe, etc.
Encrypt any file type with any file extension.
Create Groups to control encryption and decryption permissions.
Assign users to Groups with drag-and-drop on the TeraMail console.
Files are encrypted with random encryption keys.
Encryption keys are destroyed after file encryption local verification.
Encryption is always done in the User's computer.
Never worry about managing encryption keys.
Encrypted files do not have the file encryption keys.
Drag and drop folders and files for automatic encryption.
Encrypted folders retain the original file tree organization.
Move or copy encrypted files to other folder destinations.
Users double-click to decrypt and open an encrypted file on its application.
Restore folders and files in My TeraKey folder in case of hacker attack.
My TeraKey folders updated in Google Drive when a document changes.
Restored folders and files organized in the original file tree.
Restore in minutes the entire My TeraKey folder; avoid paying ransom.
Users can access Group files on Explorer without logging into Google Drive.
Users can be anywhere in the office, at home and in any city in the world.
Users double-click to decrypt a file in any branch of the tree on Explorer.
Drag and drop a file into the Group tree for encryption and sharing.
"Save as.." a file to any branch of the tree for encryption and sharing.
TeraKey provides instant delivery of files without the need of email.
Group shared folders with encrypted documents are the highest protection.
Mass encryption of thousands of archived files preserving the tree.

User License Components

TeraKey easy encryption


Users can encrypt entire folders or single files using Explorer. Encryption is done in the local computer. There is no limit to the number of files that can be encrypted or decrypted. Used random encryption keys are destroyed. Encryption takes a few seconds.

TeraMail using the Cloud


Users can exchange text messages and files on a private and secure communications channel using a browser. Use TeraMail when you want to be certain that the information is safe when traveling on the Internet.

TeraMessage Mobile devices

TeraMessage Mobile

Available on Google Play and Apple Stores for free. It does not access your Contacts or GPS. Messages and files travel protected by end-to-end encryption. TeraMessage Mobile is used for total mobile communication security.

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