Users can encrypt entire folders or single files using Explorer. Encryption is done in the local computer. There is no limit to the number of files that can be encrypted or decrypted. Used random encryption keys are destroyed. Encryption takes a few seconds.


There are business documents in your company with information that is not for everyone. i.e.: Financial and payroll information, product development reports, market strategies, etc. TeraKey gives you control of who can decrypt and read sensitive business files.

• Allows a quick recovery of documents after a cyber attack.
• Protects files from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.
• MS Office files encrypted when saved to TeraKey folder.
• Administrator controls who can encrypt and view files.
• Encrypted files can be emailed as attachments to other users.
• Encrypt files and folders with drag and drop.
• Use Google Drive to distribute and share encrypted files.

• TeraKey encrypts and decrypts on the user's computer.
• There are no files uploaded to TeraCryption for encryption.
• TeraKey uses random "Ghost" encryption keys.
• TeraKey uses a different encryption key for each file.
• Every encryption key is destroyed after the file is encrypted. .
• Hackers cannot find encryption keys in the computer because they are destroyed.

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