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TeraCryption encrypts files and automatically uploads them to the Cloud for storage.

TeraCryption protects exchange, storage and sharing of sensitive documents in your business.

The Concept and Operation
of TeraKey Enterprise

  • TeraKey Enterprise is in fact a user-friendly System to Manage Encrypted Files for any size of business. TeraKey has been specially designed to manage TeraKey encrypted files using Explorer functionality.

  • The Administrator controls who can share encrypted files with whom, instead of having Users determining who they share encrypted files with. This gives the strongest file security ever.

  • The Administrator can create any number of Groups, each with any number of users.

  • Users encrypt files to Groups in order to share files with other users in the same Group.

  • There is no need to send encryption keys to users to share files.

  • Encrypted files can be stored anywhere in the local computer, in a network computer, in a NAS or in any Cloud service.

  • TeraKey is the one that links to a Google Drive or OneDrive account, instead of having each user logged into the business cloud account with access to all the files.


  • TeraKey automatically creates Group storage folders in the Cloud service and they appear in Explorer as “ghost” folders showing files and folders names, but without content or data. All encrypted files are safe in the Cloud.

  • Users can double-click on the "ghost" file name to download and decrypt a file. The files will be encrypted and uploaded to the cloud again when the file applications is closed. i.e.: Editing a Word file.

  • Encrypting a file or an entire folder is as simple as dragging and dropping it into the Group folder shown on Explorer.

TeraKey encrypts and automatically uploads files to your Cloud account

TeraKey encrypts and uploads to cloud
TeraKLey Cloud lock.gif

TeraKey encrypts files in seconds.

The only safe way to protect your documents from hackers and internal theft is to encrypt them first and then save them in the Cloud. Unauthorized personnel, hackers and internal thieves cannot access them.  If they did, they could not decrypt them.

Full integration with Explorer

Use Explorer as you do with other files.  No software is installed on your Company's server. There is NO encryption hardware to buy.  Random GHOST encryption keys DO NOT need to be managed because they are destroyed after encrypting a file. File encryption takes just a few seconds!

Safe 800x700.gif

TeraKey stores encrypted files in your exclusive Cloud account

As a powerful option, TeraKey automatically uploads encrypted files to your exclusive Google Drive or OneDrive account dedicated to only store TeraKey documents.  For total security, users do not need to access this account. It is only for TeraKey. Placing encrypted files in Google Drive stops hackers and thieves from destroying them. Use TeraKey file encryption without having to think about it!

Group Control 800x700.gif

No encryption key management needed

After TeraKey encrypts a document, the key is destroyed without leaving any trace.  No one can decrypt a file because the key does not longer exist. TeraKey uses a different key every time a document is encrypted. The key is never the same. TeraKey file encryption becomes a standard in your business.

Encryption Control 800x700.gif

Control storage and sharing of TeraKey files

Use the TeraMail web console to create Group folders in Google Drive or OneDrive. Control who has access to folders and who can decrypt files. Secure file encryption sharing. Group shared folders appear on each user's Explorer. No need for email.

TeraKey mass encryption.

Mass folder and files encryption

Encrypt existing archived folders and sub-folders preserving the original organization. Store encrypted archives in your servers or in the cloud. Only users with permission will be able to open encrypted archives.  File encryption gives you total protection.

TeraKey encryption and TeraMessage Mobile.

TeraMail and TeraMessage Mobile for safe communications

Users with computers using TeraMail browser application can communicate text messages and encrypted files. Users with our TeraMessage Mobile app on iPhone or Android devices can also communicate messages and encrypted documents with TeraMail users.

TeraCryption use and benefits (1.44 min.)

When using a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive or OneDrive, you can quickly restore files destroyed by hackers. We offer free system configuration to suit your file security and restorage needs.  (2.28 min.)

TeraCryption evolving platform.

The TeraCryption System Integrates With Your Business Ecosystem


Because of a seamless document encryption integration with Explorer, TeraKey can be used by many businesses, such as Law and Financial firms; Chemical labs; Research and Development operations; Factories of competitive and innovative products; Human Resource firms to protect the privacy of people; and many more type of businesses.


TeraMail, TeraMessage Mobile and TeraKey will integrate to your way of operations no matter what mobile devices are used, the file system you have, and what your business ecosystem is. 

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