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Updated: May 8

We, lawyers, deal with the most cherished aspects of our clients' lives. Some colleagues work protecting -if not saving- our client's life, freedom, assets and reputation. Other lawyers take care of corporate wealth by looking after the client's interests at the point of negotiating agreements and upholding their position before the law.

One way or another, lawyers are entrusted with, and constantly exchange valuable client-related information. Be it through our desktops or cell phones, millions worth of corporate trade secrets and other sensitive information can flow on a daily basis from one point to another through Cloud services, IP addresses and multiple security breach points for hackers to feast on.

How dependable is our proficiency, all the effort that comes with it, if we fail to handle the confidentiality of the information we are entrusted with? The not-so-old saying, "Information is Power", comes to mind. And so does its obvious sequel "Mishandled Information is impairment, failure". Information is indeed the new wealth standard within our current “Knowledge Society”. As such, it calls for ad-hoc protection, very much as Fort Knox was thought of back in the gold-standard days.

In my own practice - not willing to risk my reputation nor have one of my client's businesses shut down out of my negligence -TeraKey has been like an info-oriented Fort-Knox for the common man; for, unlike other info-protecting solutions out there, it is both affordable and truly unbreakable.

“Yes, that is what NDAs are for”, some might argue. But those agreements fall very short vis-à-vis preventing the information from falling into the wrong hands. You can enforce NDAs and enjoin the wrongdoers, charging them with plenty of damages. But like toothpaste, once the information is out you cannot shove it into the tube again. Or like John Perry Barlow would have it, “who can bottle the genius back in?”

It goes without saying that most, if not all, world constitutional regimes provide for a Human Right to privacy, regardless of the quality and quantity of your data (which are the forerunners of your information). It ensues that both Mother Teresa and Al Capone were entitled to such protection, which obviously not per se legitimated the deeds they both carried out therewith on their own part. That is where TeraKey comes into the scene by solidly securing the sacrosanct privacy rights using patent-protected, not back-doored, technology -something other so-called solutions can hardly boast of.

How much worth is your practice? If you are a legal professional like me, accept this word of advice: asses your cost-benefit and be proactive. Online criminals are lurking not only in major corporate leagues, they could also be within your own company without you being aware. In this digital world, it is not about not disclosing some information; it calls for active protection. Don't shut the stable door after the horse has bolted!

Ignacio Vera _______________________________________________________ Ignacio Vera is Of Counsel in Vera Abogados, a Mexico-based law firm specialized in 360º business and Trade negotiations in LATAM for domestic and int’l companies. Mr. Vera has an extensive legal background in TMT and Energy matters, with studies in México, Canada and Italy.
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